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A brush paired with colors is all an artist needs to make dreams come to life!

Terry Truccabimbi,
face painter and glitter tattoo artist

Imagination, creativity and a touch of color for themed events and parties

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Face painter, glitter tattoo artist and much more

There is no need to wait for Halloween to free your imagination, every party needs a touch of color with Terry Truccabimbi! She will arrive with her trolley full of colors, brushes and glitters bringing joy and wonder: everyone will have a chance to be transformed into their favorite animal, princess, superhero! Even parents will be fascinated, they might even ask for a touch of color themselves!

But Terry is much more than just a child face painter. She can create gory special effects make up for adults Halloween parties, fluorescent designs for disco parties, glitter and airbrush tattoos. And she can share the joy of a mom-to-be with her sweet belly painting designs. Whatever the occasion, let Terry add a touch of color and imagination to your event!

Products and hygiene

Terry uses a professional make up station complete with mirror, lights and chair. She uses only EU certified products and her colors are water based which are more delicate on the skin. The sponges and brushes are carefully cleaned after each use and the workstation is completely sanitized. Terry is the first face painter in Italy to have requested an insurance policy specifically designed for the needs of a professional face painter.

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terry truccabimbi | crazyballoons.it

Crazy Balloons is made of many different artists and services, Terry Truccabimbi is one of them, discover the rest! 

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Face painting classes

Terry has been experimenting with colors for over a decade and she wants to share her passion with her students. She teaches different classes: from a beginner’s class for those that are just discovering this art to advanced classes with focus on specific themes and designs.

If you want to find out more on Terry’s classes or if you want to register, follow her on Facebook. You will find all details on the classes and updates on Terry’s colorful world!

Teresa Antinoro

Terry is Crazy Balloons’ colorful soul! Her passion for face and body painting dates back to when it wasn’t even considered a real profession, she was one of the first professional face painters in Italy. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to grow and improve herself. Pushed by her passion and her creativity she follows seminars and conventions worldwide and she is more than happy to share her knowledge with fellow artists during her classes.

+39 345 1070893 | info@crazyballoons.it

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teresa antinoro | crazyballoons.it

Colors... and much more!

Your dream event can come to life thanks to our props, artists and services. We will take care of all the details, from delivery to set up to coordinating face painters, tarot card readers, quick change artists, cartoonists, DJs and many other amazing artists for all type of events. 

We have a longstanding experience organizing parties and events, let us put our know-how at your services to make your event memorable.

We are experts in creating amazing set ups with balloons and with our balloon consulting services we can help you to integrate effectively balloons in your marketing strategy.