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One artist, endless possibilities: children magician, illusionist, family entertainer

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Family entertainer

Magic and illusions are his specialty, entertaining is his calling. Mago Simone refined his techniques to bring his illusions and magical routines to a very special audience, families. This is why, if you wish to organize a great party where kids and adults alike are entertained, Mago Simone is the perfect choice. Your guests will be amazed by his magic, they will always remember living a moment of pure wonder!

Magic show for children

A magical entertainment is perfect for a child’s party. Mago Simone, with his blue tailcoat and trunks full of magic, will lead the kids in a breathtaking journey to discover the wonders of magic! At the end of the party each guest will receive their very own magical gadget: a token to remind them of this journey and to keep the magic alive. The gadget will help the children perform a simple illusion that will amaze adults and keep them smiling for a long time!

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Crazy Balloons is made of many different artists and services, Mago Simone is one of them, discover the rest! 

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Close Up Magic and Table Hopping

Mago Simone is an amazing magician and you can admire his skills during his Close-Up Routines. These routines are performed not on stage but just inches from a small audience. Mago Simone uses everyday objects and turns them into something unexpected. Coins, cards, rubber bands and rings are no match for his magic, he can make them all to his bidding. He can make them disappear, change color and shape, move to different pockets…all standing right next to you! For a bigger crowd Mago Simone will be able to enchant them with Parlor Magic, a more intimate version of stage magic which can be performed closer to the audience and without a stage. This type of entertainment is perfect for Gala dinners and corporate events.

Simone Riva

Mago Simone discovered a very old book on magic at the library when he was just a child. He became fascinated with this enchanted world straight away and decided he wanted to know more. Since then he never stopped searching, learning and practicing. At the beginning he entertained family and friends, but he finally decided that he was ready also for tougher audiences and he started performing for the public. Now he is one of the top performers in Crazy Balloons and he embraced the possibility of custom designing every part of his show depending on the audience he will meet. But he never stopped studying and learning, magic is vast, and he wants to share this timeless art and the emotion it brings with the world.

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Magic... and much more!

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