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Hilarious entertainer, fantastic magician, amazing balloon artist

Mago Alberto,
one magician, infinite characters and themes for your show!

Choose from over 60 characters and themes for your party

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Kids Party

Every child dreams of his/hers birthday party, the day of the party is a very special one! Mago Alberto will make sure that everything is exactly what the birthday child expected and much more! He will lead all the guests in a fantastic journey to the discovery of a world full of magic, wonder and fun! The memories of this day will accompany the children for many years to come always bringing back a smile and a sense of wonder. Mago Alberto has a wardrobe full of costumes and suits so that his outfit will always match the theme of the party: comic book heroes, cartoon classics…whatever the theme, he will find the perfect suit to match! Mago Alberto can host the party both in Italian or English, he can switch back and forth if your guests need translation and he can even sprinkle a bit of Spanish in the mix if necessary!

Virtual Party!

Mago Alberto is also available for live streaming magical parties, don’t miss out on the magic! Watch the show reel and contact us for more information on this fun new idea!

Corporate events

Mago Alberto is a family entertainer, kids and adults alike will love his mix of magic, balloons, puppets and comedy acts. Everyone will be spellbound by his performance during your event: may it be a formal corporate event, a “bring your kids to work day” or public event, nobody will resist his charm and everyone will enjoy his entertainment. Mago Alberto is fluent in Italian and English so he can perform using both languages.

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Crazy Balloons is made of many different artists and services, Mago Alberto is one of them, discover the rest! 

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Collectable cards 

Children love Mago Alberto’s many characters and always asked to see pictures, so we decided to create a collectable cards series with all of them! The cards are numbered so if you are missing a specific one or if you want to start collecting them just write us an email.

Alberto Nava

Alberto Nava is the soul and founder of Crazy Balloons. He approached magic as a child and cultivated this passion for years. A bit older he combined this passion with a new one, balloons, becoming a professional balloon artist known worldwide as Mr. Crazyballoons. When he realized that these passions would not “wear off” he decided to open his own entertainment agency and to remember where it all came from he named it Crazy Balloons. The agency is now the sum of many amazing individuals, artists and professionals, who share Alberto’s passion for creating the “perfect party” designed for each child, adult or company that reaches out to us.

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Magic... and much more!

Your dream event can come to life thanks to our props, artists and services. We will take care of all the details, from delivery to set up to coordinating face painters, tarot card readers, quick change artists, cartoonists, DJs and many other amazing artists for all type of events. 

We have a longstanding experience organizing parties and events, let us put our know-how at your services to make your event memorable.

We are experts in creating amazing set ups with balloons and with our balloon consulting services we can help you to integrate effectively balloons in your marketing strategy.