When balloons are used as a form of expression by visionary artists the outcome can only be...
Balloon Art!

If you can imagine something, if you can draw it, then we can make it real with balloons!

What is Balloon Art?

Balloon art is the art and technique behind the creation of sculptures and installations with balloons. It is a real art that needs to be mastered with years of studies and apprenticeship but as with all arts creativity is irreplaceable. Our Balloon Artists are all Certified Balloon Artists, an internationally recognized certification. They will be at your services to design and create amazing balloon sculptures tailored made for your needs and events.

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balloon art 1 | crazyballoons.it
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Balloon sculptures for all occasions

Balloon sculptures are a perfect way to theme your events, starting from birthday parties and special occasions but also for corporate or large public events. We can help you in all the necessary steps starting from the design depending on the type of event and space available. We pride ourselves with our experience in completely customizing your event using Balloon Décor.

View the time-lapse of one of our large builds. A birthday cake celebrating the 40th anniversary of Italian’s number 1 theme park, Gardaland. 12meters in diameter but making it was... a piece of cake!

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An ethical approach to
Balloon Décor

We choose Qualatex as our balloon supplier as their latex balloons are 100% biodegradable while guarantying the highest quality on the market. Because Qualatex is committed to responsible sourcing, all latex balloons are made from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. The latex is harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the tree. To keep up the good work, we also follow the Balloon Council guidelines for the responsible use of balloons.

Balloon Consulting for Brands

Numerous brands have entrusted us with the task of integrating Balloon Art in their marketing strategies. Balloons can be used for drive to store strategies, for promotional events, for brand positioning or to create a WOW effect: our core job is to advice the client on the use of balloons depending on its needs. Different balloons have different technicalities that must be taken into account for business purposes. We offer our services both as consultants for the preliminary steps in creating the integrated strategy but we can take it a step further actually implementing the project both in Italy and worldwide.

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We are not just Balloon Artists

Your dream event can come to life thanks to our props, artists and services. We will take care of all the details, from delivery to set up to coordinating face painters, tarot card readers, quick change artists, cartoonists, DJs and many other amazing artists for all type of events. 

We have a longstanding experience organizing parties and events, let us put our know-how at your services to make your event memorable.

We are experts in creating amazing set ups with balloons and with our balloon consulting services we can help you to integrate effectively balloons in your marketing strategy.